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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

History of Cowan Roundhead Bloodline 
by H.H Cowan & T.K. Bruner

This story begins 45 years ago when I was born into the chicken game and which I have played in its every phase. I have bought, fed, fought, heeled and handled cocks of many different strains and crosses, and probably have done as much experimenting as any man of my years.

Cowan Roundhead 

 It is my opinion that there is no one best strain of fowl and no one best feeder, but there are many of both in class "A" and when you make a main nowadays for real money you are sure to meet them.

Cowan Roundhead Broodhen

 It seems the days of monopoly in the cocking game have passed, which I attribute to renewed interest in the sport and the increased flow of money and brains into the game.

Cowan-sweater cross

I do not claim to have originated the best strain of the pit games in the world in my Alabama Roundheads, but the fact that they have won the majority of their fights and kept pace with the ever-increasing speed of the game for the past twenty years, under all rules and any length of gaff, is very gratifying.

Cowan Roundhead

For the past several years I have done most of my fighting at Memphis, Tenn., where my fowl were known as Alabama Cocks, thus their name Alabama Roundheads. My fowl have passed the experimental stage, having their characteristics inbred into them, and I feel with my system of breeding I can hold them at their present standard for years to come.


The Roundheads Fighting Style - High Flying with Excellent Cutters and Ground Fighter.

Here's an example of fighting style a (12 seconds) fastest kill uploaded on our Youtube Channel

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